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Leadership Institute


Whether you are an Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, or volunteer in a leadership position there can exist challenges that reduce the effectiveness of the church leader. The Leadership Institute for Churches Program provides our clients with leadership modules in the areas of personal development, skills, and relationships. Each program is customized according to the needs of our clients.


  • Understand the role of the effective church leader

  • Learn principles of Christian leadership

  • Learn how to make decisions that enhance the church

  • Learn how to develop community relationships that enhance your church

  • Learn to develop a culture that focuses on the vision or the church

  • Learn to communicate and delegate effectively

  • Learn effective team building skills


Personal Development                                                                                                                                                               

The topics are designed to provide participants an opportunity to explore the principles that form their identity as a Christian leader. The topics provide the leader an opportunity to examine their core beliefs and values as well as their motives for leading, and their strengths, and weaknesses. Topics include:


♦  Character

♦  Integrity

♦  Self-discipline

♦  Commitment

♦  Leader Qualifications

♦  Values

♦  Courage/Risk-taking

♦  Obedience to God

♦  Vision

♦  Dependence on God

♦  Priorities

♦  Wisdom

♦  Humility

♦  Purpose/Passion



Skills are needed to make appropriate decisions that will enhance the organization. The topics are designed to enhance the decision-making process from biblical perspectives and enhance the leaders’ ability to accomplish leadership tasks. Topics include:


♦  Accountability

♦  Justice

♦  Rewards

♦  Change, Transformation

♦  Leadership Development

♦  Situational Leadership

♦  Communicating Vision

♦  The Learning Organization

♦  Stewardship

♦  Communicating Skills

♦  Long-range Planning

♦  Stress Management

♦  Conflict Management

♦  Management of Human Resources

♦  Systems Thinking

♦  Decision-Making

♦  Resource Development

♦  Team Building

♦  Double-loop Learning

♦  Problem Solving

♦  Time Management

♦  Empowerment

♦  Quality/Excellence



Relationships are one of the most important aspects of leadership. Church leaders must interact with members in the congregation and members in the community. The topics are designed to help develop God-honoring and effective relationships. Topics include:


♦   Encouragement

♦   Healthy Alliances

♦   Power and Influence

♦   Exhortation

♦   Interpersonal Relationships

♦   Servant Leadership


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