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Mary F. Taylor February 1 at 4:56pm

My co-worker thanks you for bringing him and his wife back together. Remember they had no communication at all. They read your book and followed the directions and they are back together raising the four kid's that they have and now he has a smile on his face every morning that I see him. Thank you :)


Dennis L Brown July 30, 2010 at 1:22am

Hey Dr. Campbell,

Just wanted to let you know that your book was very good and enlightening. I enjoyed every page. My wife and I are currently celebrating 21 years of marriage and this book will give us tips for 21 more. Thanks for sharing such an awesome pot of gold full of great nuggets.



Review for:

Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land by Dr. Derrick L. Campbell

The market is flooded with marital self-help and advice books, yet half of all marriages still end in divorce. A possible reason? We’ve been looking at marriage, and the respective roles of husbands and wives, all wrong. 

Enter Dr. Campbell’s Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land.  Rather than peddling tired advice to hurting couples, Dr. Campbell walks readers through marriage at its most basic, biblical best, showing us how society has played a role in damaging our perceptions of marriage. By building on such foundations as teamwork, shared visions and values, and family and financial goals, Dr. Campbell proves that marriage, when approached and worked on correctly, can be a fulfilling, life-long covenant, just as God intended.

While this is not a book I’d recommend for couples looking for that “one” book to save their marriage, this is an eye-opening, marriage-changing look at, specifically, the role the husband plays in a healthy and godly marriage. Alongside advice to husbands is a weekly, step-by-step guide to help men work with their wives to identify their values, needs, and goals as they work to improve their relationship.

For couples looking for strong biblical marriage role models and a foundation for building a godly marital relationship, I heartily recommend this book.

Gina Reba



Book:  Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land

Author:  Dr. Derrick L. Campbell

“Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land” offers guidance for couples on forming a unity based on common goals and beliefs, yet placing the male figure in the “high priest” position within the family.  Drawing from many biblical passages, Dr. Derrick L. Campbell chooses to show that through having a common understanding between partners, one can build a successful family.  Taking avid use of traditional training methods, this book contains step-by-step guidelines on reaching “the Promised Land”, as advertised, through checklists and weekly meetings, while allowing the reader to ascertain the goals they themselves wish to tackle.

For anyone wishing to develop the bond between themselves and their “better half”, take a brief look at the processes suggested within this work.  You may find that through simply stating and discussing your shared thoughts, the foundation for a more fruitful marriage has been laid.

Brin Wisdom




The author appears to be on a noble mission to cut down on the ever increasing divorce rate. He states that at one point the divorce rate for Christians was higher than that of non-Christians. Being involved with the Christian faith, he decides to put together a series of exercises along with the scriptures to see if he can solidify marriages that might be experiencing problems.

As I see it, the exercises are designed to get couples talking together and to set goals in their lives that will get them to act as one instead of going their separate ways. Even if you are not into biblical scriptures, the exercises themselves should save a fair number of marriages. The program does  appear to be structurally sound and if a couple follows even a few of the examples their union should be the better for it.

This program is so good that Dr. Campbell might want to expand the exercises to include people that are thinking about getting married. The exercises would definitely help the couples see if they are compatible before they take the big step into matrimony.

Roger Seifert




This book takes a role reversal when it comes saving the marriage. This is book from husband perspective in leading the relationship and making goals for the relationship. The book covers the roles of husband and wife during history. Also, the book covers the part that religion plays in the marriage. I like that the book gives husbands or couples some pointers in working on their relationships.

Mary Pou



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