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Team Building

The mark of a great church leader is how many people will join his or her team. One way to accomplish this is by teamwork. The Promised Land Team Building Program for Churches ensures that ministers and volunteer workers work together to accomplish the goals of the church. Teamwork strengthens the church and prepares church employees and members to survive the tough times by empowering them to use their talents to improve the church.

  • Reduce the turnover rate for volunteer

  • Promoting healthy relationships between all church members

  • Strengthening the bonds between members of the church

  • Building togetherness and unity

  • Solving problems

  • Enhance church success

  • Clearly define goals and objectives

  • Reveal and clarify future opportunities and threats

OVERVIEW OF PROCESS                                                                                              

Step 1. Needs Assessment

Sometimes problems can be difficult for a church leader to identify. A church leader trying to diagnose a problem may find it difficult to observe symptoms, as a superficial assessment is often made that fails to identify the causes of the problem. A technical analysis is conducted which will provide the team building program an opportunity to have a positive impact on the church.

Step 2. Vision Creation

Specifying the preferred expectation or outcome is important. The team members need to be as clear as possible about where they wish to go. If the team can visualize the changes they wish to see and the difficulties which may block them, they will have a better chance of persevering and achieving.

Step 3. Improvement Strategies

After the vision has been clarified strategies for success can be developed. There are many tactics for team development, but not all can be implemented at once. Appropriate strategies are affordable and effective.

Step 4. Monitoring Progress

The team building process needs to be monitored. Progress can be successfully monitored by using mechanisms such as regular meetings, clearly defined responsibilities, open discussions, progress reports and etc.

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