Strategic Planning

In churches, God gives the leader the vision and the members of the church are given the task of helping God’s vision to come to past.  The Strategic Planning for Churches program is designed to equip church leadership to work together as a cohesive unit which ultimately prepares them to train the membership to become effective in their service. The Strategic Planning program also insures that the people and resources are allocated to produce a highly effective church.


  • Clearly define the mission of the church to establish goals and objectives consistent with its vision.
  • Ensure the most effective use is made of the church’s resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.
  • Develops a team which is focused on the future of the church
  • Provides clearer focus for the church, thereby producing more efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides leadership training
  • Reveals and clarifies future opportunities and threats


I. Organizational Analysis

During this phase, a detailed evaluation of the churches culture, strengths and weaknesses are evaluated to assess the preliminary direction for the strategic planning.

II. The Process

During this four-session phase, church leaders learn individual and group dynamics and develop the strategic plan which includes vision and mission statements, goals, objectives, timelines, and the overall budget. 0